Legacy Park Adult Basketball

We are very excited to bring organized adult basketball to Legacy Park!

*Play will be Sunday afternoon and depending on the number of teams formed/those participating.

*Adults will form their own teams or can pay to play to be placed on a team. Final game rotation will be determined based on participation and time preference.

*One referee per hour of play will be provided. Play is 20 minute running clock halves/clock stops on timeouts. Rulebook will be provided prior to first play and available at courts.

Cost is $50 per player per season (portion of fee goes to ref cost and jersey)

For additional information or questions, please email sports@legacypark.org


Spring League:

  • April 9th - May 7th (Regular season)
  • May 14th, 21st (tournament)
  • Example of game rotation:
  • Game 1: 2pm-3pm
  • Game 2: 3pm-4pm
  • Game 3: 4pm-5pm
  • Game 4: 5pm-6pm

Summer League:

  • June 18th - July 9th (Regular season)
  • July 16th, July 23rd (tournament)

Fall League:

  • August 27th - Sept. 24th (Regular season)
  • Oct. 1st, Oct.8th (tournament)